OSS is a division of
M/A/R/C® Research
an Omnicom Group

 Over forty-one years of marketing research experience
 Over a decade of conducting and refining online research
 Team members average 20+ years in research industry

Leading-edge Capabilities
 Robust technology
 Interactive management tools
 Access to millions of respondents in the U.S. & abroad

Focus on Quality and Service
 Commitment to delivering indispensable service
 Client surveys tell us it's working
 Customized data collection process based on client's research objectives

What our clients are saying about us:
 "Very responsive"
 "Project Manager is very knowledgeable about market research"
 "You can do it all - online, phone, mall intercepts"
 "Flexible and adaptive to non-cookie cutter methods"
 "Professional, high quality"
 "Smart people, competent programmers, good communicators"
 "Personal touch is there"

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